White blood 

White blood is the name used for breast milk in Hungarian folk culture; I am amazed by the symbolic weight of this simple substance---the first comforting treat in our life after a long journey. In this project, I screen printed with milk.  It is almost invisible on any paper. It is there and not there at the same time. If I want to bring the prints “alive”, I have to use some kind of heat to turn the sugar in the “milk ink” brown. I usually use a heat gun or a hot iron for this process. I really enjoy manipulating the quality of the print by ironing it.  This creates an ever-darker tone by applying more heat and pressure. I am not only changing the colors, but also preserving this organic ink with the heat. Burning two substances together: milk and paper, portraits and surface. The burning deepens my memory, attaching semantics together. The brown color gives the prints an antique photo quality. It is hard to tell if the faces are looking at you from the past or from a more recent time. In some way or another, I am always in a battle with time. I want to stop it, change it, own it. I am aiming for the impossible, to grab these important moments and not let my loved ones disappear from my life.

White blood, 
Screen print with milk, 22”x19”, 2019
A portrait about my grandmother and my mother.

My secret

Screen print with milk on handmade paper, 2018 9”x9”

My secret II. 
Screen print with milk on handmade paper, 2018 9”x9”

How lightly can you do what you do?  
Time based milk print installation. 
This piece was shown at Impact10, Encuentro Conference, Centro de Acción Social y Cultural de Caja Cantabria Building, Other Disciplines Show, Santander, Spain  
Link to the show

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